Team PUROHIT takes the honour in introducing ourselves as leading importers and stockists of Plastic Mould Steel, Tool Steel, Alloy Steel, Die Steel and Special Purpose Steels in India.

Our broad product range has acquired us a virtually unique position in the world’s markets, offering our clients a decisive advantage - they can enjoy the benefit of one-stop solutions.

Our experience, modern warehouse and not least, our qualified, dedicated staff are the foundations for the high quality of the products we stock.

But new demands create the challenges we thrive on with continuous product development and vocational training for our staff, We guarantee our clients increasingly tailor-made, flexible, onestop solutions in the future on all continents.

Our strengths lie in the ultimate quality, custom-made services and nurturing client proximity in the most important world markets. We service our clients’ needs, starting with practice-oriented advice to the ready-to-use product. At each stage we offer highly reliable tailor-made solutions.

Since our inception in 1965, with our experience and knowledge we have joined hands with the following steel manufacturers across the globe to supply quality products.

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