Comprehensive stocks are held in a wide range of carbon and alloy steel specifications. British Standard and International specifications available. Our most popular grades are listed below; please contact our sales office.

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                        E-N SERIES STEEL DESCRIPTION
   1    EN 8
0.4% medium carbon steel. A genereal purpose steel for applications requiring added strength and
superior tensile properties to mild steel specifications
   2    EN 9 0.5% carbon steel giving higher tensile than EN8. Can be induction or flame hardened.
   3                       EN 19                 
1% chromium molybdenum high tensile steel. Suitable for highly stressed applications where
greater strength is required.
   4    EN 24
Nickel chromium molybdenum high tensile steel. Has good wear and shock resistance and is
suitable for tensile ranges up to 1550 N/mm².
   5   EN 30 B 
4¼% nickel steel. Achieves a good through hardness with air or oil hardening. It is capable of
taking a good polish and is widely used as a plastic mould steel.
   6   EN 31 
High carbon alloy steel which achieves a high degree of hardness with compressive strength and
abrasion resistance.
   7  EN 36
Nickel chromium case hardening steel. Give a very hard surface with a strong core and retaining a
high degree of toughness.
   8   EN 45 Silicon mangenese alloy spring steel.
   9   EN 47  Tough oil quenching spring steel which, when heat treated, offers good wear resistance.
   10 SAE 8620 A low alloy case hardening steel.
  11  AISI 4140 Chromium molybdenum high tensile steel. Supplied 18-22HRc (Hardness Rockwell)
   12 AISI 4145 Chromium molybdenum high tensile steel similar to 4140. Supplied 30-36HRc
   13 AISI 4130 Chromium molybdenum steel supplied 18-22HRc. Lower carbon content that AISI 4140
   14 AISI 6150 A chromium vanadium spring steel type steel.


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