Plastic mould steel is usually used in prehardend condition, which Enable the customer to directly use the steel by only die cutting it. The particular advantges of this grade of steel is that it saves hardening after machining. It can be used for very large dimensions in as direct supplied condition.

         Purohit delivers a series of Plastics Tool Steel and Mould Material Grades for plastics processing which are supreme in the industry. Our products are manufactured using both conventional and powder metallurgical production techniques. Our close cooperation with tool designers keeps us abreast of the latest demands placed on Plastics Tooling.

        Tailored to the needs of the various plastics moulding applications, Purohit Plastics Tool Steel and Mould Materials are ideal where high polishability, improved resistance to corrosive and/or abrasive polymers, high thermal conductivity, uniformity and reliability are required.
    1                     PUROHIT 1.2083/2083 SUPRA
    2   PUROHIT 1.2316
    3                   PUROHIT 1.2311                 
    4  PUROHIT 1.2738
    5  PUROHIT 1.2085
    6  PUROHIT 1.1730
    7 PUROHIT M.261
   8  PUROHIT M.238
   9   PUROHIT M.303
   10   PUROHIT M.315
  11   PUROHIT M.333


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